Sunday, July 8, 2007

Live Earth

I set my DVR and recorded the Live Earth concerts yesterday. Duran Duran, John Mayer, Dave Matthews Band and The Police were performing to make people aware of the current climate crisis in the world. I must say that it feels good that my favorite musicians participated in this event. I honestly hope that people got the message. I currently live in a state that does not promote recycling. In fact, if you choose to participate, you have to pay a monthly fee. We are spoiled because there is so much open land in Oklahoma. Having lived in Connecticut, I'm keenly aware of the issues. We bundled our newspapers, separated glass and plastic and this was a normal behavior. Why is this not mandatory everywhere? This is a large scale problem, but we each have to do our part. I've started replacing all my light bulbs with CFLs, planted trees and set my mind on buying a hybrid car. Let's preserve our planet for future generations.

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