Monday, July 2, 2007

My Artist

My husband is an artist. He is the Executive Chef at a prestigious private university and hundreds of people eat his food every day. I can honestly say that he takes the time to perfect every plate that is presented because he is just that awesome. Each plate carries his signature. People ask me all the time if he cooks at home. The answer is definitely "yes" because if he didn't, we would all starve. I can't cook worth beans (literally). My mom loves to cook and she's always the first to offer her chocolate sheet cake for any function. I, on the other hand, will buy a bag of frozen fruit or lettuce if I'm forced to bring food to an event. Let's just say that I'm a true believer in the terms "too many cooks spoil the soup" and "never disturb an artist while he is working." Thank goodness my husband has a kind heart, a huge amount of patience and a discriminating palate. We do have Mazzio's Pizza on speed dial.

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