Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Old Photos

Yesterday my mom asked my brother and me to go through a tub of pictures that she had stored in her closet. Most of the pics were within the last 20 years, but some were real treasures. I found this incredible photo of my dad and me. My daughter, who was peering over my shoulder said "Who's that guy?" Of course, my dad got a good laugh and it made me think about how important it is to share old photos with your kids. In this day and age, we all put our digital imagines on the computer and erase them from our memory cards. We crop, edit, use Photoshop and perform magic to make pictures look good. Yet pictures like this one seem so much more important to me. I guess I'm into the whole family history, genealogy, preserving history stuff. This picture tells a story. "We're an awesome pair Dad!"

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