Friday, July 6, 2007


My daughter is obsessed with Webkinz! For those of you who aren't acquainted with these little stuffed items, you should now go outside and dance in the street. Remember the Beanie Baby craze? Yes, it's back. This time Ganz has come out with a stuffed animal with a special hang tag. Each tag has a code. Kids get on the website, log in this code and then spend hours playing games. Actually, the whole thing is a genius! My daughter is using her math skills buying furniture and goodies for each pet's imaginary home. Quizzy is an area where she has to answer questions involving math, reading, geography, health and science. The Employment Office pays her pretend money for jobs such as doctor's assistant, hamburger cook, shoe store clerk, fence painter, etc. In The Clubhouse she can chat with other kids in a monitored environment. From a teacher's point-of-view, I think the Webkinz website is educational. From a mom's point-of-view, I'm shouting "Get off my laptop!"

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