Thursday, August 2, 2007


Today is my 10th wedding anniversary. We were married on a horribly hot day in Eureka Spring, Arkansas. What were we thinking when we picked this date? All our family was there to watch us "sweat" through the ceremony.

My husband and I grew up together. We were friends through high school and hung with the same crowd. Although we lost touch after we left for college, I always stopped by to visit his mom when I was in town. When it came time for our 10th high school reunion, I decided to go. My girlfriend asked me in the car who I really wanted to see after 10 years. Believe it or not, I said my husband! Well, we immediately found each other and spent hours talking. Although I will use the cliche' "and the rest was history" it truly was meant to be.

At your 20th high school reunion, a guy we know came up and apologized to us. Apparently he had been talking some smack about us and how cozy we were. The person he was talking to said "Where have you been? They're married!" I guess some people weren't around during that last post reunion gossip time. At least we don't turn heads from fellow classmates at the mall any more.

My husband is awesome! He's my knight in shining armour, a wonderful dad and my best friend. Ten seems to be a magic number for us. 10th high school reunion, 10th wedding anniversary and we are planning to move to our 10th house in the next year. Happy Anniversary, Sweetie!

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