Saturday, September 8, 2007

Fall is my favorite time of year!

Although fall doesn't seem to officially arrive in Oklahoma until the last week in October, it's easy to get excited about losing our 100 degree summer. Football season is in full swing right now, Halloween decorations are showing up in discount stores, I can pretend that I might need to wear my jean jacket when I go out of the house, I buy ingredients to make chili, have the fireplace cleaned and the furnace checked.

Having spent 5 years in Michigan, I long for a crisp fall weekend. Michigan football (ok, no comments allowed), hot apple cider with peppermint schnapps in Barn Dance flasks, the beautiful oranges and reds falling from the trees, trips to Saugatuck to walk the lake shore and deciding how to accessorize for the cool breeze.

Jean jackets, boots, sunglasses, scarves~the joys of Fall!

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