Saturday, September 8, 2007

Union Wins!

#2 Union Beats #1 Jenks 43-42 in Overtime!

I live a city where high school football rivalries make national sports coverage. The Union-Jenks football game, labeled the Backyard Bowl, is so huge that it has to be played at the University of Tulsa's Chapman Stadium. Over 20,000 in attendance.

When I arrived to help the Union Renegade Regiment Marching Band unload the semi, it was raining. 90% had been forecast. It rain before the game and rained immediately after the game. Yet the entire game was played with only a few drops!

This rivalry is HUGE! NFL Films chose the Backyard Bowl as its national high school game of the week for the Versus Network. NFL Films spent time on both campuses this week and at the game. The game has been featured in “USA Today” and “Sports Illustrated,” and two local filmmakers made a movie for the big screen about the match-up called "King of the Mountain."

Our house is actually on the road that splits the Union and Jenks School Districts. You can throw a rock from my back porch and it would land in the rival Trojan territory. The week of this football game, someone would probably throw the rock back!

What a thrill for my son who is a Senior this year! Congratulations Redskins!

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