Friday, October 26, 2007

Fashion Question #1: Bridesmaid Gifts

Ally wrote
"I'm having a September wedding. What are some fashionable, fun and not too expensive ideas for bridesmaid gifts that are popular right now?"

The classic bridesmaid gift is something that she can wear on the day of the wedding and enjoy after the event. Make sure you enclose a personal note to each one telling them how much it means to you to have them involved in your special day.

After the dress is hung in the closet and the shoes packed away, you want them to have a gift they can use for years to come. Anything monogrammed is nice, but will need to be ordered well in advance. Themed gifts are cute for destination weddings, but long term may not be practical. Combination gifts are popular this year. A make-up bag filled with lip gloss and perfume, a pocket mirror inside a chic evening bag or cozy slippers and a bathrobe definitely show you took extra time to plan a memorable gift.

Best wishes to you Ally! My Chic Things will be happy to help you with your bridesmaid gift selections.

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