Sunday, October 21, 2007

Congratulations Renegade Regiment

Congratulations to my son and the Renegade Regiment for taking 7th in the Bands of America Super Regional last night. I teach in the Broken Arrow School District and I am so proud of the BA, Union and Westmoore kids! They represented Oklahoma with Pride! 50 bands participated this year. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend this event due to Thursday's surgery. However, I am a very proud Mommie!

St. Louis, MO

Edward Jones Dome
Finals Results
89.35 - Broken Arrow H.S., OK

85.80 - Prospect H.S., IL

83.85 - Rosemount H.S., MN

82.70 - Central Crossing H.S., OH

82.55 - Irondale H.S., MN

81.35 - Bellbrook H.S., OH

80.90 - Union H.S., OK

77.45 - Oakville Senior H.S., MO

76.30 - Eden Prairie H.S., MN

76.20 - Kickapoo H.S., MO

76.15 - Blue Springs H.S., MO

75.15 - Roosevelt H.S., SD

74.60 - O'Fallon H.S., IL

74.55 - Westmoore H.S., OK

Outstanding Music Performance - Broken Arrow H.S., OK

Outstanding Visual Performance - Broken Arrow H.S., OK

Outstanding General Effect - Broken Arrow H.S., OK

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