Sunday, October 14, 2007

Crazy Mornings

Mornings in my house can be chaotic no matter how early I get up or how much advanced planning I try to do. Why did my mom always seem to have it together in the morning? Now that I think about it, she really didn't. Many mornings she drove us one block in her bathrobe and slippers to the bus stop. I remember trying to gulp down a glass of orange juice at the last minute and immediately throwing up. I don't drink orange juice to this day.

Find me a mom who doesn't act a little crazy in the morning. Find me a child that doesn't act crazier!

I am a teacher, so every morning I welcome 21 kids who have had some kind of craziness at home before they come to me. I quietly greet these babies with a smile because I know what mornings are like.

A typical morning in my house~
"Mom, I'm not done sleeping." "I can't find pants to match this shirt." She honestly thinks I don't realize that she took pants out of the dirty clothes basket? "We have to go shopping, I don't have anything to wear!" I guess that trip to JC Penney's last weekend was a figment of my imagination. "These shoes hurt my feet." "Can I be a lunch box?" "I want Starbucks." Yes, I admit I started that one.

Once we are in the car though, it's Mommie's domain. My ipod, my coffee, my cell phone, my list of a million things I need to remember for that 20 minutes before I face kids who have probably experienced a similar morning.

What fun! Let's do it again tomorrow!

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