Thursday, October 18, 2007


We teachers have a language of our very own and I have found that it can really bother some people. On more than one occasion when speaking to my family or other non-educators, I have slipped into this exclusive language only to be looked at like I was babbling in a foreign tongue.

Here is an example~Tomorrow I will be doing an IEP on a child who has MR, ED and mild OCD. It's not necessary to do the DIBELS. GATES or the OSAT on her because the test scores won't show her ability to handle WUF, LRF, PSF or NWF. We will talk about the MEETS, BIRKS and discuss ADHD. She might possible need OT as well.

"Now, after reading that, did your head pop off and spin around?"

Welcome to my world!!! The funny thing to me is that I think every profession has their own language. Post me a banter in your "work place" language.

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