Thursday, November 1, 2007

Fashion Question #4: Sweater Coats

SunEGrl wrote "Sweater Coats were very popular a few years ago and then they went away for awhile. They seem to be HOT again. Have you noticed this and if so, do you think the trend will stick around for awhile?"

I have to admit that the current fashion trendy sweater coats have me feeling "tingly" inside. They are gorgeous and so versatile. I recently bought a dark grey BCBG short cropped sweater coat and I can't wait to wear it. Living in Oklahoma, the weather changes on a dime. It is not often that I have the need for a heavy down-filled ski jacket or a knee length wool trench. Sweater coats are the perfect layering wardrobe piece. Juicy Couture has some fabulous sweater coats this year as does Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors and Vera Wang. I hope they stay "in" for the long haul!

Team one with a velvet or minky scarf from My Chic Things!

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