Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Fashion Question #7: shopping habits

DariDonovan wrote "Do you ever buy any fashion item and then never wear it?"

Personally, I am a
one track mind kind of gal that goes into a store looking for a particular item. I need a chic sweater for a party or a new handbag for traveling, etc. I don't have time to just browse unless it's planned well in advance. I rarely impulse buy because I don't have the budget for it.

I do own a lot of accessories and often forget what I have. My house was robbed a year ago and the guy literally ran out the front door carrying my jewelry box. Not only did he get a few irreplaceable
items, he got all my fashion jewelry. Stuff worth nothing at the local pawn shop, but a whole lot to me! Often I will go to look for an item only to remember that it's gone. I don't keep everything in a jewelry box anymore, but I'm also not very organized. Maybe instead of a fashion question on Friday, I should ask "how do you keep your fashion jewelry organized?"

My best advice would be to have a good filing system for receipts. If you get something home and decide it's not "perfect", return it. If it still has the tags on it, you should be able to get some sort of credit. Even without the tags, a receipt will help. Don't clutter your closet with clothes you aren't going to wear. I have a previous post about this subject.

Please feel free to post comments on your shopping habits. Do you have things in your closet with the tags attached that you've never worn?

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