Monday, November 19, 2007

Fashion Question #8: White after Labor Day

Laura wrote: "What is the deal with why you shouldn't wear white after Labor Day? Does that even still hold?"

Well Lara~you're asking a southern girl who has always held hard and fast to this rule. We also have the rule that you don't wear a straw cowboy hat after Labor Day either.

Wearing white after Labor Day has been argued in many blogs and forums. It has been discussed in the fashion world for years. On Katie Couric's debut as anchor on the CBS Nightly News, the press criticized her choice of wearing a white blazer the day after Labor Day.

Originally the restrictions were only white dress shoes. I guess it might have something to do with why my husband doesn't wear black on the golf course in the middle of the summer. White reflects light, thus keeping you cooler. Or possibly it's still a social etiquette issue even in this day and age. Whatever the reason, this chic girl packs up her white shoes and pants on Labor Day weekend and stores them away until Memorial Day. Old habits die hard.

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