Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Fashion Questions #12, #13, #14: Hats, Rules and the Flu

Laura K wrote: "Do you have any fashionable hats to look chic in this cold winter ahead? Curious in Chicago."

Laura, I am on a constant search for a cute winter hat. My closet is full of hats I've bought each year thinking it would be the perfect hat. I bought the cutest hat before my trip to Colorado last Christmas. I wore it for an hour and ended up buying a ski hat in the resort lodge that would cover my ears. So much for looking chic. Well, it didn't matter too much because I looked like everyone else. I would go with cashmere for warmth and comfort. Make sure your hat, gloves and scarf are all in the same color family. Juicy has some cute hats this year with matching gloves and scarves. I'm loving their wool/cashmere pom-pom cap.

Elana wrote: "With so many "what to wear and what not to wear" magazine features and television shows, how does a person find their own style without copying certain so-called rules?"

When it comes to fashion rules, I think that these features make some good points. Certain clothes do look better on certain body shapes. There are ways to hide your not so favorite parts with color, fabric details, accessories, etc. Finding the colors and fabrics you love and make you feel good is key to your style.


Bebemiqui wrote: "Since I recently was hit with the barfy flu, when was the last time you had the flu?"

I'm so sorry that you have been ill. I teach young children and seem to be immune to quite a bit of flu type illnesses. I get the basic sinus infection every year with the upper respiratory gunk. It seems to hit around Christmas time. Get better soon.

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