Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fashion Questions #9, #10, #11: Tights, T's and Knitting

Pamela Jayne wrote: "Now the cold weather is here, I'm practically living in black opaques to keep my pins warm. Any alternatives?"

OK, sweetie~I am assuming that your black opaques are tights and pins are your legs? Please tell me more! I'm dying to know what you mean. When I was attending the University of Michigan, I lived in heavy tights and wool skirts. The combination was extremely warm and certainly beat a cold pair of cotton jeans. I was also walking a long distance outside in the cold to class. If you don't have a long commute outside, I might alternate with lined wool slacks and cashmere knee socks.


Hedi wrote: "Where to find cute patterns for knitting or crocheting a winter hat?"

Well Hedi~I will have to refer this question to Jaybird Designs. Check out this blog for your answer.


jbubolz-miller wrote: "How about some fashion forward t-shirts for stay-at-home moms?"

I started my boutique, My Chic Things, based on my love of wearing jeans and t-shirts. You can look so chic without spending tons of money. Dress up your jeans and tees with fabulous jewelry, shoes, belts, etc. Check out t-shirts on myshape.com. Do you know what colors look best on you? Stick with those colors because chances are they make you feel good. T-shirts with a little bling are fun and can easily take you into the evening. Make sure you wear shirts that are long enough to cover your middle and fit comfortably without being too loose or too tight.

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