Sunday, November 18, 2007

Interview with Elana from

What a privilege it was to recently talk to Elana Pruitt from Beauty Chat Blog. She is the editor of which has sister sites and She developed Beauty Chat about 5 months ago as an avenue to discuss interesting topics for women regarding their body, health, and mind.

Elana graduated from California State University, Fullerton majoring in journalism and minoring in speech communications. She never thought she would be so rooted in the online world. Now she can't imagine not being able to use html and chatting with the world!

Elana and I share the same philosophy and passion for beauty~looking good and feeling good without having to lose your whole paycheck in one shopping trip. We both have luxurious taste, but believe that being realistic and SMART about when to splurge in important.

Elana, could you please explain your parent websites and how they relate to Beauty Chat? developed from,, and as a new way to bring the idea of a healthy image full circle. Each of our Web sites focus on the importance of finding a qualified doctor or specialist. These leading online plastic surgery resources provide our visitors with relevant and reliable information, and we [Beauty Chat] are proud to deliver the same level of quality--yet with unique topics to blog about! Think skincare, cosmetic surgery, Reality TV, fashion, spa rejuvenation treatments, and tons more.

As a writer and editor living in California, how do you balance a professional wardrobe and your casual pieces without spending tons of money?

Whenever I get in a frenzy on what to wear, I remind myself that most people probably don't remember what I'm wearing anyway! Still, I always try to switch things around when it comes to my work wardrobe. I've noticed that experimenting with what I do have, such as incorporating a certain blouse or slacks that I haven't worn for years, I feel like I am actually wearing a new outfit. When I do go shopping, however, I immediately sniff out the sales first. My favorite retail outlets that feature new trends while being affordable are Target, Old Navy, and Macy's (specifically for their shoes!). I do allow myself to splurge once in awhile, but I always try to leave with a few bucks left in my pocket.

There are so many blogs out there, how do you decide which ones to read?

I'm all about color, cute symbols and icons that communicate the coolness of fashion, beauty, and skincare. So my interests lead me to discovering new blogs, but the design and topics are what guide me to stay. Currently, Beauty Chat is getting a complete makeover. Once every single detail is sorted out, I will be very excited to discuss its new look. I hope that when people "search for" or "click on" our blog; they enjoy its fresh appeal, diverse topics, and multiple voices.

Thank you Elana for the wonderful chat! Your blog is fantastic and I know all My Chic Blog readers will enjoying visiting and commenting out your insightful topics.

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