Thursday, November 15, 2007

Project Runway4 Episode 1 Review

I want to approach this blog post with a bit of caution. I know that fashion, design and all that goes into it is much deeper than my opinion. Having just finished watching the first episode of Project Runway4, I have some thoughts that I think are OK to express.

First of all, I watch this show with one thought and one thought only....Would I wear that? I make my judgements on who should be the winner and loser of the day based on whether that garment would go on my body. Let me say that I was spot on with Rami tonight. I loved the dress and would buy it. I'm glad he won. I certainly did not agree with the judges when it came to Christian. Too much plaid for me.

As far as the loser, I thought Elisa's dress was by far the least likely to make it on a person's body. The train reminded me of the tail on a fancy bird. That dress expressed "who she was as a designer?" Personally, I thought her dress was much more disturbing than Simone's poorly constructed piece.

My favorite line of the whole night came from Kit who said "Life is too short to wear a bad outfit." My philosophy exactly!

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