Saturday, December 1, 2007

Fashion Question #18~The Office Party

Allyson wrote~
"I have a question about holiday office party attire. I am going with my fiance to his office party at a very nice restaurant in the area. I have only met one of the guys he works with and his wife a couple of times and haven't met the rest. I have no idea what is appropriate to wear. I want to look stylish, but not inappropriate. Is a cocktail dress okay or should I go with business attire? Staying warm is nice, but I still would like to took trendy! Can I have festive touches or is that too much and ridiculous?"

Allyson~We have a guest blogger today! My husband Tim has teamed up with me to answer your question. Here are a few of his ideas with
several of mine sprinkled in too.

First of all, go with simple elegance. You can never go wrong with that "little black dress" and some beautiful strappy heels. You can wear a little "bling" on your wrist, neck or ears, but don't go overboard. Most importantly, carry a chic clutch or small beaded evening bag. If your dress is short sleeved or sleeveless, wear a shawl or dress coat. The restaurant will take it at the door anyway.

It's important that you don't wear anything too sexy or revealing. So many black dresses for the holidays are very low cut or have spaghetti straps. Avoid this look for an office party! Stay away from business attire or festive holiday sweaters.
No jingle bell earrings or two piece suits.

I'm sure you will look beautiful and your husband will be gazing at you from across the room. Drop me a note and let me know how your evening went. I'd love to hear about it!

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