Sunday, December 2, 2007

Fashion Question #19~Who Me?

windycindy wrote~"What made you want to have a blog site? What other interests do you have outside your area of expertise?"

What fun! I get to talk about myself. How many readers will I lose with this post? Let's see...I started my blog at the recommendation of my wonderful web designer Elaine Biss. She is the creator of my chic pink graphics. I originally wanted to use it to highlight my boutique It has since taken on a direction of it's own which I am thrilled about! I have met so many creative entrepreneurial woman who share the same passion I do for looking and feeling good.

My other interests? Oh, she opened the dam with that question! I'm a first grade teacher and have been teaching for close to 23 years. I have lived and taught in six different states including Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, Connecticut, Michigan and Washington, DC. My husband has been the Executive Chef at a major University for over 8 years. My son is turning 18 this month and is the Trumpet Section Leader and Brass Sargent in one of the best High School marching bands in the country. He will be attending the University of Oklahoma as an OU Scholar in the fall. My daughter is 9 and is at the awkward stage of wanting a bra, but still sleeping with 25 stuffed animals every night.

I bleed maize and blue! I am the fourth generation in my family to graduate from the University of Michigan. I'm a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority and the Oklahoma Education Association.

My son and I share a passion for music. I am a member of several fan clubs including Duran Duran, The Dave Matthews Band, The Police and John Mayer. We attend classical concerts like the OK Mozart Festival and enjoy seeing Jazz greats such as Maynard Ferguson. If we lived in the Manhattan area again, we would be frequenting Broadway and Carnegie Hall.

If I could split my life in two, I would live in Winter Park, Colorado and Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. I have an equal love for the mountains and the ocean. Right now I live smack dab in the middle.

Back to the original question about why I started a blog~it is my dream to retire from teaching and run my boutique full time.
Stay tuned for updates on that mid-life crisis.

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