Monday, December 10, 2007

Fashion Question #24~Customer Service

Elana wrote "How important of a role should customer service play when it comes to finding the best fashion pieces?"

Elana I believe that customer service is the most important aspect of a relationship between the store and it's consumer. We have all experienced "bad" service at least once in our lifetime. Unfortunately, it happens much to frequently. My husband is in the food service industry. It only takes one bad experience at a restaurant and my husband won't ever go back. He says that it starts at the top. People need to be thoroughly trained. Greeting the customer, making them feel welcome, being able to answer questions and being attentive to their needs are all important skills that need to be learned and exhibited by an employee.

This holds true in the fashion industry as well. It is important to make a connection with your client or customer. Giving them your attention and being a good listener is key. Woman are shopping in more online boutiques than ever before. They know that they will get that added customer service that they won't find in the local department store.

Recently I got this sweet compliment from a customer, "I got my package a couple days ago and just had time to open it up today. It was perfect! ...the packaging was gorgeous and obviously done with care. Thanks for the great customer service. I will definitely order again the next time I need a little more chicness in my life!"

For me, it is an added thrill when I know I have made a customer happy. A happy customer is a customer who will return again and again. All I do is treat my customers like I would want to be treated. It's as simple as that.

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