Monday, December 17, 2007

Fashion Question #30~Half-Time Wardrobe

Jason and Caryn wrote "What is an affordable way to buy a chic, trendy wardrobe given that I will only wear the clothes half the week (registered nurse)? Also, how does one hide baby weight in the abdomen that stubbornly refuses to come off?"

To disguise your tummy, chose low-waisted jeans one size too big. If your jeans are too tight, the stomach spills over the waistband. For t-shirts, look for a hem that stops in the middle of the tummy and preferably one that scoops down a bit in front. can help you with jeans and pants. I personally wear a lot of Lycra/cotton undershirts under my tees to suck it all in and hold it in place. Look for chic, inexpensive tops at Target and JC Penney.

Depending on how recently you had your baby, give your body time. Don't buy too many pieces of clothing right now. Your body will change sizes in several places over the next year or so. Stick to jeans that fit well and t-shirts that are comfortable. Add style to your wardrobe with accessories.

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