Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Fashion Question 31, 32 & 33~Leggings, Handbags and Shoes

Cute wrote "What are some shoes that manage to look stylish without killing my feet at the end of the workday?'

Well cute, as I've sure you've read in my previous posts, I'm a teacher. I have to tell you that I live in Clarks. You can find mules, boots, sandals and loafers that are very stylish and very comfortable. I bet you could find a style perfect for you. Look for them at Dillards, JC Penney and even Shoe Carnival.

Paulette wrote
"What do you think will be the most important high end accessory for 2008? I like handbags and collect them by the hoards, do you think there will be one stand out designer for 2008?"

Paulette, handbags are so much fun right now! Woman are carrying bags to fit their personality rather than just to show off a designer or label. Unless you can really afford it, why spend hundreds of dollars on a high end designer purse when you can share the love and own several chic less expensive bags? Chic standouts right now are Kathy Van Zeeland, Fossil, Steve Madden, Michael Kors and Sigrid Olsen.

Leeann wrote
"My question is regarding leggings...are they in or out?"

Leeann if you caught Project Runway last week, Michael Kors said to "be careful with leggings!"
I have to agree with him on that comment. However, just a few weeks ago we saw Sarah Jessica Parker in a tunic, leggings and high patent pumps. I think it is still OK to wear them if you live in the right climate. It's too cold here in Oklahoma to have bare legs and bare feet!

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