Thursday, December 13, 2007

Fashion Questions #27 & #28~Necks

Devon wrote
"If you have the neck of a Country Char Woman rather than a waiffish supermodel, should you wear a turtleneck to hide it or vee cuts to elongate the genetic flaw?"

First of all Devon, I have no idea what a Country Char Woman is! You shouldn't label yourself like that sweetie. My philosophy on turtlenecks is, pitch 'em. Go with attractive necklines. Turtlenecks, high round necks and collarless shirts are the worst if you. Stick with wide scoop, deep V and collared shirts. These will both make the neck longer and more elegant. Also, watch your jewelry selection. Long earrings are more flattering.

Stacy V wrote
"What is the style for wearing a scarf? The long double around your neck? Normal size that goes around once? What do we do?"

As demonstrated by my friend Katie Gold, the owner and creator of my favorite scarves, this is the best way to look chic and stay warm. Multiple loops around the neck and the ends tucked into the front of your jacket. If your scarf is short, loop once and tuck. Don't leave your ends out to flap in the breeze or get caught in the car door.

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