Thursday, December 20, 2007

Fashion Questions #34, #35 & #36~Comfort, Hair and Office Parties

windycindy wrote "What kind of clothes do you think are comfortable yet look good when I am in public?"

I am the Queen of wearing jeans and t-shirts. I started my store, because I was always looking for chic things to wear with my two favorite pieces of clothing. If jeans aren't your bag, go for comfortable chinos or wool slacks for winter. If you find a pair of pants that you like, I recommend buying them in several colors. My mother is Queen of chic during the winter in her wool slacks and turtleneck sweaters. She's tiny, so she can get away with the turtlenecks. All she does is switch her necklaces, earrings and shoes. She always looks so put together.

It's really quite easy. Start purchasing pieces in one color family such as black or brown. Continue to build your wardrobe around that color. A Joluka denim jacket is a great staple and can be worn almost year round. A simple black cashmere sweater can be dressed up or down. You certainly don't have to sacrifice comfort to look chic!
Denice wrote
"For an office party, what is considered too dressed up or too dressed down? How do you know you are playing it safe and dressed just right or shall we say chic?"

Denice, I'm a firm believer that you have to dress appropriate for the situation. If your friends at work love to dress-up, I say Go For It! However, if you will be hanging out with your it safe. Avoid anything too revealing or too glitzy. Personally, I always feel better if I am a little over-dressed. Under-dressed is never a comfortable situation to find yourself in.
Belindalouwho wrote
"What kind of products do you recommend to keep hair up?"

Now that is a difficult question. I usually buy what my hairdresser recommends. I'm currently using Aveda products. Anyone else want to chime in here?

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