Thursday, December 27, 2007

Fashion Questions #38, #39, #40~Makeup and Shoes

Julie wrote "What colors do you think are going to be hot this spring?"

Julie I'd like to refer you to my post Fashion Question #3~Spring 2008 Colors. Although I'm not a huge fan of yellows, I think the colors this spring are beautiful. I can't wait to hear about the fabulous new eye shimmers and shadows that you are working on for Spring. I would probably be more apt to buy something in the pink mist family, but I'll be interested in knowing what the new trends will spark in makeup colors. Let us know what you come up with and you can be a guest poster on my blog.

angelaandconnor at wrote
"I live in the south...and it's pretty warm here all year. Is it OK to wear cute flip flops in January if it's warm enough?"

I love flip flops, but I would keep them to a minimum in the winter months. Find a cute pair of peep toe pumps or flats instead. Make sure you always have your toes looking clean and polished.


Marjean wrote
"Is the trend for shoes in the spring going to continue to be high heels and high heeled wedges or is the trend to go back to flats?"

I have to say that while both high heels and flats will be back in the Spring, the focus is going to be on bright colors. Fuchsia, Grass Green, Banana Yellow, Tangerine and metallics that pop on your feet. These colors are bold and exude a sense of confidence.

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