Sunday, December 30, 2007

Fashion Questions #44, #45, #46, #47~Our Little Divas

It is my pleasure to introduce Shelley from prissy princess BOUTIQUE. Shelley brings her fashion expertise to My Chic Blog and answers some tough questions about taking care of our little divas. I needed Shelley to tackle these Ask Chic Girl Friday questions since my daughter is well past the princess stage and is headed straight for queen. Welcome Shelley!

Stacey Moore wrote
"Ella will be 4 in March and has really long hair, but it is very thin. If I cut it will that make it thicker?"

Unfortunately cutting thin hair won't make it thicker, but certain styles can give thin hair a more fuller look. Any shorter layered style will give you the appearance of your hair being thicker. My personal favorite is a shoulder length bob cut, with face framing bangs.

nor_lou wrote
"My daughter does not chew her nails, but does like to put them in her mouth. Is it right to paint her nails with polish and is there a brand that would be best?"

I just LOVE painting my daughter's finger nails, she always looks so pretty!! In your case, I would personally check the nail polish and make sure it is non toxic before using. Wouldn't want any to get in her mouth and make her sick, yuck! Take a peek at this website,, this might be just what you are looking for.

Paige wrote
"How do I keep my little girls' ponytails in their hair?"

Paige, I would recommend trying No-Slip Grip Ponytail Holders such as the ones made by Scunci. Here is a link you can check out : They are affordable and boast they won't come out until you take them out.
Naomi wrote "What is the best way to store my daughters tutus and dress-up clothes?"

Naomi, due to the delicate nature of tulle, I recommend hanging your tutu up when your Princess is not wearing it. This will also keep it full and fluffy looking for the next time she wears it. I would personally apply the same rule to all dress up clothes.

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