Monday, December 31, 2007

Fashion Questions #48, #49 & #50~Hair Care and Cuts

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"Why is it that between hair colorings the lighter shades of my highlights from summer seem to resurface through the darker shades for winter?"

If you are trying to color over hair that has been partly bleached, this is the sort of problem that can happen. The only way to correct this is by dying your hair a dark shade or you can let it grow out. The same thing happened to me, I had been getting my hair highlighted for many years and then decided to go back to being a brunette. After several shampoos I noticed the blonde would start to show through. I personally loved the shade my hair became. It gave it a nice soft dimensional look.

Hope this helps.

Danielle wrote
"Whenever I try to cut my hair short, I end up looking like a 10 year old! What is a good style for a round "babyface"?

There are many short hairstyles that work well for round faces. The key is to ad volume at the top of the head either by layering or heightened bangs. This helps to elongate the face. One style to stay away from are bobs. These cuts empathize cheeks, which is the fullest part of a round face.

Long hair done in layers or a shag look good on round faces because it makes the face look slimmer. I believe that the key to having a perfect hairstyle is what you are comfortable with. Not by following the rules or trends.

Hopes this helps.

lace wrote
"I am debating having bangs again. Are bangs in or out?"

I think it just depends on your face shape and what suits you best. But I believe the fringe band is in. Kate Moss wears this style of bang. Go long with your bangs and wear them swept to the side.

Hope this helps.

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