Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Interview with BET's Abiola Abrams

Chick lit author and BET personality Abiola Abrams can tell your dareology by almost anything, even which My Chic Things handbag you choose. What’s dareology you ask? It’s Abiola’s personal science about where you are on the DARE scale. In other words, which Dare girl are you? Abiola’s new novel DARE is about a good girl who goes bad to find herself. In that vein, Abiola’s calling her book tour the Dare to Be Bad Revolution. B.A.D. stands for beautiful and daring. You can find her book DARE at Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble or wherever you buy books. You can also read more about it at www.daretogetalife.com or www.planetabiola.com. Hey—warning! If you’re at work, turn the volume off, there’s music on her site which she says is to inspire us all to dare to dance like nobody’s watching!

Quick Q&A

My Chic Things: What’s darelogy?

Abiola: Ahhhh. Good question. Astrology is so last week. (laughs) Everything we do reveals something about us. So attaching my dareology to your tres chic handbags was easy. You’ll be surprised to see how accurate it is! Of course, you may do like I did, and pick up a bunch of different cute, reversible bags. That just reveals that we are versatile—a little different on any given day, depending on the circumstances.

Chic Things: Fabulous! What are you an expert on?

Abiola: I am an expert on fun and fearless women. Yay courage! I even include with each dare-o-scope a personalized affirmation that women can use to make their day brighter. They work for Maya Hope, the main character of my debut novel DARE and they can work for you.

Chic Things: Ooh, let’s get started. This is fun! OK people, pick a bag and see where you fall on Abiola’s dareitude scale.

Mod Mushroom Kate


Abiola says: You are mysterious, exotic. Something yummy is always up your sleeve.

A great affirmation for you is: I maintain my sense of mystery and I overcome my personal history. This is your time to shine, so shine on!

Dareology Affirmation: I dare to live up to my magnificent potential.

Citrus Mum Lily



Abiola says: Yay! It’s you-- Fun, sunny, cheerful, you. Even joy givers get the blues sometimes, so make sure to make time for yourself, ok? Whoo hoo for “me” time!

Dareology Affirmation: Today I dare to speak my mind.


Black Evening Bag


$12.00 on sale

Abiola says: Wow. Oh so chic… You my dear are a wee bit self centered, in a good way! You have massive dareitude. Women are usually so “give until it hurts” but you understand that balance is key.

Dareology Affirmation: I dare to love being me and that’s how it should be!

Moss Paisley Shasa



Abiola says: Your sensibilities are cool and slightly retro. Like this antique-y, bag, you dance to your own beat.

Dareology Affirmation: I dare today to become more than I was yesterday.

Black & Pink Handbag


Abiola says: Hello dah-ling. You are a classic girl who loves Audrey Hepburn and picnics. Many people love you, but sometimes you can let your loner tendencies get this best of you. Life is a party and we need you there, so come on down!

Dareology Affirmation: Life is my party and I can dare to play if I want to.

Blue Aloha Kate



Abiola says: You are a free-spirited, happy on the beach, barefoot kind of chick. The coolest thing about you? You genuinely like yourself. Most others do too. Try listening just a wee bit more and you will be certified perfecto.

Dareology Affirmation: Life feels good because I dare to feel good.

Newsprint Lori


Sold Out

Abiola says: You are comfortable and everyone’s best friend, but what they don’t know is how much you enjoy your own company. Shhhh. We won’t tell.

Dareology Affirmation: I dare to have more fun than I ever imagined.

Small Tulip Lilly



Abiola says: You are fancy and fresh, a lover of all things European. You would be most at home in an English country garden sipping tea. Mmmm. Divine!

Dareology Affirmation: I always dare to reach for the stars.

Pink Silk Coco



Abiola says: There you are! The super fun, girly girl who aspires to never take no for an answer. Go get em! People would do themselves in to be seduced by your feminine wiles. Your secret? You’re brilliant.

Dareology Affirmation: My brains, dareitude, and beauty matter more than the size of my bootie. (Heyyy—I am a dareology expert. Listen to me! Xo, Abiola)

Vintage Paisley San Francisco


Abiola says: You are the dawning of the rebirth of the flower child, but this time, you are bringing fashion with you, honey.

Dareology Affirmation: The universe is dreaming a bigger dream for me than I can ever imagine, so I dare.

Mod Circles Waikiki



Abiola says: Yay! You are what we call crazy, sexy, cool. You are stylish, fashionable and fun, but still practical. Score! What a great mix.

Dareology Affirmation: I dare to play as hard as I work. Repeat it until you mean it!

Fab Vintage Shasa


Abiola says: You are more fun that a barrel of Manolos. People love it when you arrive and bring the party with you. Don’t forget to let people who love you know when you need a hug, though. OK—we’re sending one right now. Huggggggz. Didn’t that feel good?

Dareology Affirmation: I dare to have more confidence than I ever thought possible.

Pink Aloha Shasa



Abiola says: You always have the best advice… For everyone else. Your friends love you! Pamper yourself as much as you pamper others, you cutie pie, you!

Dareology Affirmation: I pledge to love and honor myself to daring heights.

"It's A Date!" Tote Bag


$14.50 on sale

Abiola says: You’ve always got so much to carry literally and figuratively. Your best kept secret is how shy you get sometimes. Let that queen inside of you ROAR. It’s a date!

Dareology Affirmation: I dare to be unique and powerful.

"Diva" Tote Bag


$14.50 on sale


Abiola says: You are what is called a flygirl. You set the trends without even knowing it. Do you think it’s an accident that everyone always ends up with your same hairstyle? Rock on!

Dareology Affirmation: I dare to love being me, unapologetically.

Black Abstract Kate


Abiola says: You have always wanted to be an artist deep down to express all sides of yourself. Go ahead. Speak you mind, you diva you, you have earned it!

Dareology Affirmation: I dare to be an artist in all that I do.

Yippppeeee~ How chic, dah-ling!

Here’s where to find ore from Abiola Abrams & DARE:

Abiola Central: www.abiolaabrams.com

DARE: www.daretogetalife.com

Abiola on Myspace: www.myspace.com/goddessfactory

Abiola on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Dare-Abiola-Abrams/dp/1416541667

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