Sunday, December 23, 2007

Interview with Elaine Biss

Elaine Biss, web designer extraordinaire, offers us insight on trendy website design, starting your own web business and how to succeed!

Elaine, you are so talented...I hear you are writing a book! Can you tell me what it's about?

Well thank you!~I didn't know I was extraordinaire! I am very excited about it! The book is a guide on what it takes to make your web business succeed. There is an incredible boom of women creating corporations right from the sanctity of their homes and juggling life. They are mothers, professionals and retirees marketing themselves in a new way. Taking their business to the web is a big step! Regardless of whether you have a webmaster, web designer or you are designing it yourself, there is a lot more about web design than just loading your products and having a cute site. Most web designers don't take the time to educate their clients and their businesses fail. It is about more than looking good. It's about having the knowhow to make it work.

What is the first thing you ask a client when she hires you to design a website?

When clients first approach me, I always ask two questions. What is your business, a service or a retail store? Two, what kind of research have you done? I like it when they research and look at other designers and educate themselves as to what it entails to have a web business. Autonomy is a quality I like in a client. There is a big difference in having a client who, with the right guidance, makes it big and the one that waits for the designer to do it. One will have money in their pocket and the other will be handing money from their pockets. Knowing ahead of time will surely allow you to think whether or not taking your business to the web is the right choice for you.

Will your book explain Top 100 Site Lists, Blogging, SEO and marketing strategies?

Absolutely! Actually it's all more complex than that. The web has evolved into a place where Google algorithms have very little effect on how successful you are. Web 2.0 has combined user friendly technology with the power of the people. Where in the real world it's location, location, location, the web would be networking, networking, networking. Get recommended or mingle in the right social network and you are in. There are ways to harness that power and I will attempt to show you how.

There are so many businesses out there. How can I make mine stand out above the rest?

Network! Advertise without shame. Advertising breeds familiarity and familiarity breeds branding. Branding is money in your pocket. Read about the latest trends on the web and in your field. Write articles and get your store name out there as much as you can. Be a guru in your own right. Knowledge is power and when you have a business, knowledge equals money in your pocket. The power of you moving your business is what makes it successful.

What is your favorite current fashion trend?

In web design, it's the classic hand drawing look and brocade prints. I believe prints are huge and it's not a trend that will fade. In fashion, I would have to say red is in! I loved Penelope Cruz on the cover of Vogue. Classic color is in. If Pink is the color of girly, Red is girly unleashed, passion and class. I think jeweled tones and metallics are making their way into fashion. High fashion trends usually trickle down to other areas. I wouldn't be surprised if more designers did more jeweled toned, metallic colored sites.

Thank you Elaine for the interview! I'm sure my readers can't wait for the book release. I want an autographed copy!
Oh, but of course Darling!!!~E

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