Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Fashion Question #57~Snow Boots

dodo wrote "What types of boots do you think are better for the snow? I live in a city where we get a lot of snow. I think that leather is better for the weather, but the fabric boots come in better colors and designs. What are your suggestions about snow boots?"

I live in my Juicy snow boots! Not only are they great in the snow, but they are also chic and comfortable.

I also have a great pair of boots from Lands End.

I am all about the sole of the boot so that I don't slip and slide. Also, it has to look chic if I tuck in my pants. I can't have the bottom on my slacks getting wet and dirty. Bottom line~they have to keep my feet warm. I refuse to wear a pair of boots that aren't warm and cozy on the inside. I say try several styles on and walk around in them. Once you get your favorite pair home, spray them well with a water repellent spray.

Photos courtesy of www.nordstrom.com and www.landsend.com.

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