Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fashion Question #62~Frizz and Static

Welcome Stephanie! Steph 's Beauty Buzz is a chic online fashion/beauty community and magazine. What a thrill to have such an expert as my guest blogger!

Sara wrote "Any tip on how to tame the frizz and static in winter hair?"

Winter’s harsh temperatures can be murder on our hair, and breakage and static electricity can be especially difficult to deal with. By washing your hair with the right moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, especially sulfate-free products, you can tame those winter flyaways.

Before blow-drying, try combining thickening foam and either a straightening serum or curling serum (depending on how you want to style your hair) through your locks. The thickening foam adds direction while the serum helps shape the hair shaft. After blow-drying, apply one more layer of a shine serum.

Another great trick?
Shampoo every other day. This helps prevent the natural scalp oils from being stripped. On days when you don't shampoo, give your scalp a thorough rinsing and massage with your fingers; it's enough to keep hair clean and your scalp invigorated, even for oily types or after a sweaty session at the gym.

My favorite tricks? Try spraying your comb/brush with an fabric anti-static spray before you run it through your hair. For portable relief, keep a dryer sheet in your purse. You can run it over your hair anytime you notice the winter static getting out of control.

With the right tips and tricks, your hair can be summertime sleek and healthy all year round!

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