Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Fashion Questions #58 & #59~Frames and Bags

Texaiano wrote "What was the most chic thing that you have ever done to display one of your favorite snapshots, other than putting it in a frame or photo album?"

I love to take pictures of my family even though I'm not very good at it. I have frames all over the house. Frames on shelves, tables, the fireplace mantle and the walls. I don't think I have ever used anything other than a frame. Anyone have other suggestions?

Shelley wrote "What style pocket book is in for a busy mom on the go? I don't want a huge pocket book, but it needs to accommodate quite a bit."

Your bag has to reflect your personality and life style. Are you a mom with babies? Maybe you need a really chic diaper bag.

Since I have older children, I go for a bag that will hold my wallet, sunglasses, a little make-up, phone and keys. I love the Denise Tjarks handbags that I have at I just got a note from Denise and I'm getting a whole bunch of new bags from her the end of February. I can't keep them in the store! Not only are they made from beautiful mod fabrics and vintage Hawaiian mu'umu'us, they are reversible!!! Plus, I don't look like everyone else in town carrying a Coach bag. My sister-in-law has three. She was asked about them so much that now she carries my business card with her. Heehee! Gotta love that!

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