Sunday, January 27, 2008

Fashion Questions #63, #64 & #65~Stormy Weather

Mama Zen wrote "How can one keep themselves looking put together when dealing with gale force winds?"

dodo wrote "What sort of jacket is both stylish and weather-proof?"

ES wrote
"How does one look good out on a stormy day?"

I decided to address all three of these questions in the same post. Unless you live in an area that is a balmy 70 degrees every day, we all are faced with
dressing for the weather. Luckily, there are hundreds of chic coats to choose from and now is the time to go shopping. Most places have already started putting their heavy winter coats on Sale in preparation for the Spring inventory. Take advantage of the low prices now! You can purchase a black wool coat or a Burberry trench and not have to worry about it being out of style next winter.

I found this darling Larry Levine Double-Breasted Wool coat on Sale for $108.75 at Macys.

and this beautiful Donatella fitted coat for $145.00 at Macys.

For Spring, I found this darling jacket at The Gap for only $69.50 and I think I'm going to go buy one tomorrow.

Purchase a velvet scarf from on Sale for $23.50 and you are set!

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