Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fashion Questions #66 & #67~Hair Dos

I'm so happy to have Jamie as my guest blogger this week to help me answer these questions about hair. Jamie's blog, The Beauty of Life is the spot to visit for fabulous beauty advice.

Mama Zen wrote "Do you have any suggestions for hair accessories for an updo? I would like to do something glamorous for Valentine's Day."

There are so many great options out there now! A simple chignon or bun at the nape of your neck can be accented by a bevy of choices. My favorite is definitely taking a gorgeous jeweled clip, especially in the shape of a flower or winged butterfly, and pinning it in your hair. I'm totally loving all of the barrettes on (, which has so many affordable but totally gorgeous clips! Another option is to pin flowers in your hair – whether real or faux, they can definitely add a little something special. While the looks at Louis Vuitton might be a bit much, they are definitely inspiring – pinning a bloom or two just behind your ear keeps the look flirty and feminine!

Taryn wrote "I'd love ideas of how to get my new short hair off my face when its too short for a ponytail."

I feel your pain! I had a pixie cut for awhile and thought having a girly hairdo was a thing of the past. But luckily there are tons of options out there now that guarantee your hair will still be feminine, flirty and pretty even if it's not hanging halfway down your back. Colette Malouf ( – one of my favorite hair accessory designers – has a simply fantastic selection of headbands, from thin and wiry to wide and covered in satin and silk. I love the look of short hair accented by a headband! You can also experiment with barrettes and clips – part your hair to one side and pin it with a gorgeous clip, and hello glam! My favorite trend from the Spring 2008 collections was definitely seen at Christian Lacroix – models walked the runway with wide black fabric headbands, which looked run-of-the-mill until you saw the nape of their necks and realized they were covered in jeweled details! What an unexpected touch.

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