Thursday, January 24, 2008

Side Post~Ginger

This is my dog, Ginger. Here is Ginger's story~

I took my daughter to the "pet store" to buy a hermit crab. This store has always had puppies and from my years of working with LabRescue, I knew they were puppy mill dogs. My instincts were to save as many dogs as I could and/or get the place shut down. I have currently been unable to do either of these two things.

On this particular day, there was a teeny tiny red poodle who was trying desperately to stand. As I watched her, my heart ached. She was obviously the runt and they were asking $650 for her. I noticed that she was wobbling and throwing up. These were sure signs that she was sick and needed immediate attention. I asked to hold her and she was so delicate. I paid the money, signed the papers and immediately took her to
"their recommended" vet. This beautiful puppy, who I named Penny, died two days later.

I now had the ammunition and the sore throat from crying to give this store owner
what for! They told me that they refused to refund the money and I could have another dog. After a month of arguing with them, they called about another poodle pup. I went in, took the puppy and left. In the mean time I had contacted the Better Business Bureau and the local TV stations.

My new puppy, Ginger was in better shape medically, so I thought. Soon we noticed her running into things. After taking her to my own personal vet, we discovered that her eyes had not fully formed and she was blind. I then contacted the store owner who told me to take her to their vet. Their vet couldn't confirm the diagnosis without extensive tests in Stillwater at OSU. What? The vet told me that I could give the dog back to the store. The store told me that they would have to give the dog back to the breeder. I was also told that the breeder, had he known she was blind, would have smashed her in the head and thrown her in hole. So, let's see....give her back?

Needless to say, Ginger is alive and well living with me. She's 1 year old now! I got my money back and a letter is on file with the Better Business Bureau. After extensive research and help from the local TV stations I discovered that there are many laws in Oklahoma that aren't fair to animals. Once a person takes possession of an animal, no matter what, they have no recourse against the seller or breeder. Period.

I haven't been back to that store. I don't think I could go through the emotional trauma again.

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