Thursday, February 21, 2008

Fashion Question #69~Cali Style

Stephanie wrote "I want to buy some really great conversation starting accessories for Spring. I have plenty of scarves and knit caps, and they've been really enjoyed all winter long, but I want something better suited for the warm California Spring. Do you have suggestions?"

Hey Steph! From personal experience, unique pieces of jewelry (ahem, right here, on My Chic Things), tends to draw people in. I think that instead of ditching your fall and winter scarves and knit caps altogether in the Spring and Summer; you can work them in differently. Maybe treat them each as fun accessories vs. practical accessories. For instance, as the sun shines but still has a little bit of crisp, you could wear a fitted, short-sleeve tee with a scarf. You could also do that with a knit cap - throw a cute tank on, comfy jeans, and one of your knit caps - voila! A sort of downtown Cali look.

Now, to add to that look, or something close to it, I think an antique-y or mod ring would definitely make people talk..or stare in awe for that matter. Throw in a long, layered necklace as well, and a simple tank and jeans gets some pop! I also think headbands and bohemian-ish scarves are fab accessories. If you don't feel a knit cap is conducive to the look you're going for, other cute accents such as these would also be adorable.

Have fun!

Leave it to Elana to always have the perfect solution! Thanks Elana!

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