Saturday, February 9, 2008

Permit Needed

I had an interesting experience on Thursday.

ADT, my security system called to alert me that my alarm had been triggered at my house. They asked if I wanted the police dispatched. Having just been robbed a year ago, I freaked out! Yes....please send the police! I immediately started calling all my neighbors. None answered their phones. I called my husband who jumped in the car to head home. I then received another call from ADT. They informed me that since I didn't sign a permit, the police would NOT respond. What? Permit? Since when did I need a permit? Realizing that I was probably being robbed blind while arguing with ADT, I hung up and called my friend who is a police officer. He said he'd send someone over to my house and that I needed to get the permit.

My principal covered my class and I drove home. Everything was OK. The motion sensor had set off the alarm and the only thing we could figure out was that possibly there was motion near the window. Maybe my dog.

After returning to school, I logged on to the city of Tulsa website, downloaded the permit and will mail it in with the $30 fee. Information I could have used before my alarm went off!

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