Monday, March 10, 2008

Freak Out List

I thought I would do my own little twist on the Freak Out post that my friend Jamie blogged about awhile back. Instead of what beauty products I would freak out about if they were discontinued, I started thinking about all things in general.

What things would I
freak out about if they were suddenly no longer available?

At school:
3-hole punch
Electric pencil sharpener

In the car:
XM Roadie
Duran Duran CDs

In general:
Starbucks Grande Cafe Latte (skim no whip)
McDonald's Egg McMuffins
dry cleaners
cotton balls

What a silly list! OK, I wouldn't really
freak out about any of this stuff....except the Duran Duran CDs. What would be on your list?

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