Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring Shoe Shopping

While shopping in Dallas last weekend, I spent time checking out the shoes in the stores and on people's feet. I observed some interesting trends. Flip flops are still in style and a majority of people were wearing them.

I set out to try to find the cutest pair of flip flops, or thongs (as some of you say) without buying any for myself. I failed in this task...behold my new Juicy Couture flip flops.

I can't resist these darn shoes, I tell you. I don't know if it's Spring Fever or my feet
needing to breathe after a winter cooped up in boots. These were bought to replace a 2 year old pair that were losing their color.

I also salivated over several other pairs of snazzy shoes I saw at Nordstroms.

Today it was pouring a hard, cold rain all day with 40 degree temperatures. So much for the recess I had planned for my feet.

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