Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Answers From Dawn

I asked our sponsor, Dawn Christian to answer some of our Chic Girl Friday questions concerning makeup. What a pleasure to have her answer these questions and give us more insight into the SeneGence products.

For Windy Cindy! You asked what makes SeneGence products good , how do they help oily, but aging and starting to dry skin?

Answer: SeneCeutials means beauty for your body. The secret in the the ingredients. The Key ingredient is SenePlex Complex , a proprietary symbiotic formulation of botanicals , vitamins and antioxidants. Restoring pH levels and increasing cellular production healing your skin from the inside out!
8 weeks to revolutionary results, our clinical test done in INDEPENDENT labs proved these results:
23.3% increase in Cellular Renewal
55.7% reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
54.2% increase in moisture and hydration
51.9% increase in firmness and elasticity
48.7% increase in luminosity
Our newest step in the skin care line launched this week is a Anti-Aging Serum, restore your collagen without botox!!!
The benefits are bountiful, sun protection, repair your skin, protect from the free radials in the environment.
24 hour anti-aging system as the skincare is IN THE MAKEUP!!!

On mineral makeup:
Mineral makeup is a buzz word. Mineral makeup molecules are very large so they sit on top of the skin clogging the pores! Even if you find a mineral makeup that doesn't clog, its still topical meaning it sits on the skin and doesn't go to the cellular level to repair like SenseCosmetics. Senegence and mineral makeup manufacturers have one thing in common, they both say its whats IN The product that counts!
SeneGence Cosmetics do not sit on top of the skin . Our products penetrate the skin as it is all beneficial to the health and appearance. SeneGence offers all mineral makeup offers and MORE. Unlike mineral makeup , the SeneGence Cosmetic line does not need to be touched up , as they are waterproof , smudge proof and smear proof!!

Tips to have lip gloss stay on???
Lipsense was the first patented long-lasting lip color and not only does it stay on 4-18 hours, it heals and protects the skin.
You must apply the Shea butter gloss over the color during the day but the color itself is smudge, water and smear proof or your money back!!!
Check out lipsense in March People Magazine as Christina Aguilera's must have beauty products.

Thanks Dawn!

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