Friday, April 11, 2008

Chic Girl Friday

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Today for Chic Girl Friday and I have a double special treat. Our sponsor this week, Dawn Christian from SeneGence, is giving away 2 fabulous lip treats! If you are the lucky winner this week, you will receive both products. Keep one and share the other, or keep them both for yourself.

The first lip product is SeneGence Lipsense.
The premier product of SeneGence®, LipSense® is an amazing departure from conventional lipsticks, stains and colors. It should only be applied on clean, dry lips. Your perfect pout is waterproof and will not kiss-off, smear-off, rub-off or budge-off! We challenge you to put your pout to the test - kiss away! Create your own recipe for beauty and customize your color palate by combining shades that are rich and solid, sheer and shimmery, vibrant, shiny or frosty. LipSense® liquid lip color comes in a beautiful .25 oz tube.
Your choice of color!

The second lip product is SeneGence Lipgloss. Moisturizing Glosses improve the longevity of LipSense® Liquid Lip Color, as well as cover and protect naked lips. Glossy Gloss leaves a shiny luster; Pearl Gloss creates a shimmering, special occasion top coat; Matte Gloss removes all shine for a no-frills look; Bouquet Glosses blossom with color in the bottle, but when applied, leave no tint and a gorgeous glossy finish; Sports Lip Balm was created for men, women and children alike. It provides exceptional protection from the elements and helps repair dry, damaged, chapped and sensitive lips. LipSense® Moisturizing Gloss comes in a beautiful .25 oz tube. Your choice of color!

Combined, these are a $36 value. Every woman loves to try new lip products and now it's your chance to win some. Leave a comment on this post today. A number will be chosen at random and the winner will be announced Sunday. You have until midnight CST Saturday to enter.

I would love some more questions. I haven't received any in awhile, and's just time! Ask me a pressing fashion question, a personal question, I reserve the right to refuse to answer, or a question about SeneGence products. All questions will be entered into the drawing.

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