Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fashion Question #70~What Do I Pack?

I wanted to finish answering all the questions for Chic Girl Friday and I was saving Stephanie's for last.

Stephanie said...Here is my question: what do you tend to pack in your suitcase when you travel? Outfits, Shoes, Purses, Jewelry? How do you decide how much to bring?

Great question! I just stood in my mom's closet and helped her plan what to pack for a trip she is going on next week. The first thing we did was choose brown as her color base. Once we decided on this important element, we were able to build on it.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing the same pants, jacket or skirt twice on a trip. The key is to put different combinations together to make a different look with the same clothes. We were able to put together 3 outfits using a brown suit jacket, the brown pants that match the jacket, a pair of khaki pants, 3 shells in peach, ecru and red and a great jacket she owns that includes all these colors. She added 3 necklaces & earring sets from My Chic Things and 2 pairs of brown shoes...heels and sandals. Add a brown handbag and she's ready to fly!

My advice....plan it all out in your closet before you even get your suitcase unzipped.

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