Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mother's Day Chic Gift Idea #1

With Mother's Day coming soon, I thought I would suggest some great gifts. The first is this fabulous perfume diffuser.

Aromatherapy Home Perfume Diffuser by ORION BOTANICA. This popular item has been featured in many recent magazines and part of the VIP bags at the Oscars.

An artful and luxurious way to fragrance the home. Apothecary bottles are filled with home perfumes to diffuse fragrance gently throughout the surrounding environment. Place the reeds into the bottle, position and reverse as desired to intensify and refresh the fragrance. Orion Botanica Home Perfume Diffusers provide a constant, long-lasting and luxurious scent. Duration averages 8-12 months and is dependent upon the airflow of its location.

It is available in 3 different scents.
BEACH- The blending of coconut, milk and the ocean breezes result in the creation of Beach. Sophisticated and fresh, a timeless classic. Noted for its true ability to capture a day at the shore, Beach will leave you wanting more. SOLD OUT

FRENCH LAVENDER- Floral, herbaceous and fresh aroma. The French Lavender fragrance, for centuries considered one of the richest and aromatic essential oils, rejuvenates, inspires and soothes. Available

WHITE- An expression of freshly laundered linens hanging in the clean outdoors. A fresh and clean accord with subtle undertones of exotic jasmine, French Vanilla and Egyptian musk. An aroma that is clean, light and refreshing. Available

$19.95 at MyChicThings.

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