Monday, April 7, 2008

My Pond

This weekend the weather was so beautiful, so I spent most of my time outside cleaning up the garden. My long time readers know that my family and I built a pond in our backyard. It takes a lot of time to get it all cleaned out and ready for summer. I love this time of year because now is when we start to see all the plants we put in last year blooming and poking their shoots out to great the sun.

We need to make our bi-annual trip to Hardscape to buy aquatic plants and the balancing chemicals to go in the water. We are also faced with the projects that are not any fun. Finishing the rock wall...

Cleaning out the green string algae...that's a never ending job.

And cleaning out the pond itself. We do have lots of little fish babies that could use a new home.

Read about my pond here and here and here too.
It's so much work, but such a joy in my life.

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