Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Sushi Journey II ~ The Secret Club

While living in Greenwich, my son Austin was born. I ate sushi the entire time I was pregnant with him because well, no one said I couldn't. Aus was never a picky eater, but not too long after he started eating solid food.......he stopped eating. I took him to the pediatrician in a panic. The Dr. said he will eat when he's hungry. OK...whatever. After paying this man for his sage advice, I went to my sushi hang-out to drown my frustrations in raw fish. To my amazement, my baby started grabbing sushi off my plate and stuffing his face. I guess he was just waiting for the right food to eat!

I now had a partner on my sushi journey. What fun we would have in our quest. It was like our secret club. The looks on people's faces when we sat at sushi bars was priceless. I would put Aus in a backpack, take the train into Manhattan and walk 5th Avenue. Lunch....sushi.

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