Saturday, April 26, 2008

My Sushi Journey III

Not long after Austin turned 2, we moved back to Oklahoma. Fuji became our new hang-out since it was the only sushi restaurant in Tulsa. It was our second home. Like the bar on Cheers, everyone knew our names. We didn't have any friends, so we enjoyed the conversation with people around us. We Okies have no boundaries when it comes to social interaction. OK, I know what you are thinking....a toddler sitting at a sushi bar....DISASTER right?

I managed to divert any major sticky rice catastrophes and keep him occupied with conversation and food. It's hard being a single mom and trying to enjoy the things I used to take for granted. Evenings out with friends, long conversations about the future, dinners at the Yacht club and stability. Instead I was bombarded with attorneys, bills and loneliness. Austin's and my sushi journey had really only just begun. Our life had changed, but little did we know how much more it would change in the next few months.

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