Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Women Don Many Hats

Women are required to dawn many hats. New hats are acquired while others are discarded as we travel along the paths of our lives. We wear these hats with pride and do our utmost not to bend a brim or ruffle a feather. It’s these hats that make us the persons that we are.

At 45, I feel like a character from the pages of a favorite children’s book, Caps for Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina. In the story, the peddler walks around with caps piled on the top of his head and spends most of his day counting them to make sure they are still there. Picture me with my caps-First I check the daughter cap, have I emailed my mom today? Next I check the wife cap, still happily married. Then there is the mommy cap, I guess I better plan dinner. After this, bookkeeper cap-better balance the checkbook and pay the electric bill on time. Following closely is the teacher cap; hope I remember to turn my lesson plans in to the principal and show up for bus duty this week.

The caps for “My Chic Things”, (which is my web boutique and dream project), and my “Chic Consulting” (have I checked on my clients’ projects today?”) sits prominently amid the pile. However, it is “My Chic Blog” cap the manifests its presence; this cap is as large as a ten gallon hat!

In addition to these larger caps, I wear several mini caps, “Myspace”, “Divapreneur” and other networks. But at the very top of this vast mixed pile, sits a cap that is open for the flood of other responsibilities built into my day, it is one that is always open and over-flowing.

To cap it all off, do not be afraid to walk with several hats on your head. Check them often and remember that we have the ability as women to carry these hats with great success.

Originally published in Divapreneur Magazine, February 2008.

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