Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bathing Suit Shopping

Shopping for a bathing suit is my least favorite thing to do. Every summer I dread having to go into those horrible florescent lighted dressing rooms. Since my accident last fall, I haven't really thought much about my arm pit until I went to the mall to try on bathing suits.

As a woman, I constantly wrestle with the fact that I'm getting older and my body is reflecting it. Gone are my days in a bikini and now even the tank suit isn't quite right. Finding the right style is the most difficult part. Since my surgery, I have to deal with the unpleasant fact that my left arm pit is twice the size of my right. I decided to make it my goal to find a suit that would cover my scar and forget about my lop-sidedness. Is that a word?

Trying my best to be chic and fashionable, I was able to find two cute suits. With my daughter's approval, I purchased them. It wasn't my most pleasant trip to the mall, but I survived.

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