Saturday, May 3, 2008

Mother's Day Chic Gift Idea #3

Since my mom is a regular reader of my blog, I normally would not spill the beans about her Mother's Day gift. But this year, we are celebrating the special day early. In fact, we are doing it today.

We plan to first have lunch and then visit the Designer Showhouse. This has been a tradition for mom and me ever since I moved to Tulsa. A family friend of ours is the Designer Liaison this year and also designed the living room. We always look forward to our designer day together.

Now, the gift. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that my mom slathers herself with Ciao Bella hand & body cream. Slathers is actually her word and she uses it to describe her relationship with this cream whenever the subject comes up. She has lavished her friends with it and I've had to reorder my stock to keep up with all the gifts she's been giving. So for Mother's Day, guess what she is I threw in a Ciao Bella soy candle and lip balm.

Now, she probably won't read this before she leaves to come see me this morning, however if you are reading this mom.........Happy Mother's Day early! I love you!

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